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Copyright 2019 - Robert Major / Stephanie Major

Rob the Cultivator

I am the cultivator who was created to develop and bring forth growth.

Robert Major is the co-host of the podcast After the Hookup. He is the husband of the beautiful and amazing Steff the Goddess Major. Father of three amazing daughters. Rob is also a life and transition coach. 

My life changed when I discovered my purpose. Now, I want to share my process of how I discovered my purpose with the world!

Click on the link below for a free PDF guide on finding your PURPOSE

Let's Cultivate!

Cultivating Your Purpose Life Coaching


Passion + Purpose + Work + Discipline = Living a Fulfilling Life

Life has principles and knowing those principles will bring clarity to life.

Rob focuses on the individual first. Because self-awareness is the key to knowing why we are here and coexisting with the principles in life.  


Relationship Coaching

Relationships should assist in life’s journey. Each person has their individual wants and needs in life. Rob will share practical application on how to be seen, heard, while feeling loved at the same time.

You will learn how to openly express your views while listening to your companion’s feelings. The Same Team/ One Body System will boost communication while respecting each other’s perspectives.

Instagram: @themajorbusinesscoach

Twitter:      @RCultivator

Email:         RobtheCultivator@gmail.com